Friday, 10 August 2012

Dead Space and Eve Online - Influences.

                                      DEAD SPACE AND EVE ONLINE Influences.

Dead Space is a futuristic horror- third person shooter and most of the action happens within the ship/space station, this means claustrophobic metal corridors, cavernous man-made metal rooms and intricate science-fiction machines/consoles. Along with the fact that it has all fallen into disrepair means it is a good example of the atmosphere, detail, look and feel we are trying to achieve.

However, the whole disrepair look to the interior of the space station would have to be kept fairly minimal, straying away from the whole dead space appearance. The space station that we want to create will be kept to a polished standard, this being because the virus outbreak had only just occurred a few days before the protagonist arrival, meaning that there's no need to add rusted metal/wear and tear to the interiors. Maybe an occasional room that's been vandalized by the space stations crazed populace with the odd dark room or corridor. Although, bodies and signs of mutilation will be incorporated into the game level to give that survival horror feel. You are not alone!

 Dead space's level design and interior will come in handy to gain an idea of how this structure could of been constructed and what materials may have been used. In order to gain first hand research of the games level design, atmospheric sounds etc, I have managed to get my hands on the game. Screenshots and notes will be taken of certain aspects to establish how the levels are put together and what makes the game so scary.

Throughout my play-through, notes will be taken of asset and other game mechanics, lighting, placing of AI, sound placement, atmospheric sounds, time of game-play per level, cut scenes, item placement, save points, respawn points, graphics, textures and so on.

Screenshots of the interiors: textures, modelling. -

Screenshots and video recordings of how asset mechanics function. (doors opening, air-locks, etc) -

Lighting - 

Game sounds -

AI - 

Level layout -

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