Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Research for the level. Space Station

Hanger Bay
  • The top left concept for a hanger is a great example on how we want the hanger bay to look like. Overhangs and spacious docking rooms could be used to hide from the enemies and pick up useful items.  
  • The space stations hanger bay that we hope to create will be at least big enough for 1-2 stationary space ships. Maybe the player will be able to use one of the stationary ships to hide or look for objective items.
  • Lighting in this area will be reasonably lit by the rooms lights/spaceship and possibly a nearby planet. Maybe the player will be able to turn off the lights in order to hide.
Corridors and Rooms.

  • We aim to create a level that's big enough for 10-15- minutes of game play. Adding alternate routes for the player to approach in order to get to the objective will provide not only a sense of scale but a chance for the player to avoid encounters. Some rooms will be accessible for the player, maybe the player will have to search the rooms for a pass key or a tool in order to progress through the level. 
  • Lighting in the corridors and rooms will mostly be dim with the occasional dark areas. (Dead Space / Pandorum are a great example for the use of lighting in this environment)
  • We want to create the level in a way that it is atmospheric and claustrophobic, giving that horrific, back up against the wall feeling.  

  • The interior that we aim to create will have a distinctive futuristic look to it like the images above but with a lot more windows and console computers. 
  • Flashing lights and security alarm distresses will hopefully be implemented to make the level more interesting and scary, adding tension as the player navigates their way around the station.
  • The top left pictures shows detail that the particular area is used constantly. Providing a sense of ware and tear in certain areas will co-inside well with the mining space station look. 

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