Thursday, 27 September 2012

Research for game level. Antagonist ideas.

Research for game level. Male Antagonist.

The beaten-up worn and torn look to this character concept would work well for the main antagonist of the level.

The antagonist that we hope to create will have access to all kinds of melee weapons that could be salvaged from the space station.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Research for the game - torch

  • To add to the game we included a torch that would be used to navigate the darks area of the level.
  • This would add to the games atmosphere and the inclusions a charge mechanic that would make the game more tense. 
  • When the torch runs out the player would have to repeatably tap a key recharge the battery. 
  • To obtain references, images were collected from other game that used torches. This would provide a idea on the functionally of using a HUD icon compared to not. 
  • The main games researched were ones with hand held torches. The player when performing an action would place the torch on the floor. 
  • The environment will be lit in places with low ambient lighting, but certain areas will be poorly lit requiring a torch to navigate. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Research for the level. Planet Viewers

These are images collect to provide an idea of the view outside the docking bay view port.

  • The idea is to have a view of a planet below the space station. An idea was to bathe the room in light from the planet below providing glow to the room.

  • This will create an atmosphere as the player finds the body.

Research for the level. Nebulas

  • These images were collected to provide an idea on the what the skybox outside the view ports would appear like. 

Research for the level. Spaceships

  • These are examples of cargo ship the that protagonist would arrive to the station in.
  • The cargo ship requires a large section that would use for transporting cargo. 
  • The ship would be docket in one of the space stations many cargo bays.

Research for the Level. Hangar

  • These images were collected to provide reference when designing the hangar bay.
  • The hangar bay would feature the protagonists ship that he arrive on the station with.
  • The hangar would be low lit with light coming from the docking window view port and residual light from the outside. 
  • The hangar would feature emergency lighting that will provide some light and also to alert the player that something is wrong.

Research for the level. Futuristic doors.

Research for the level. Airlocks


Video of Bulletstorm airlock scene

  • In the game the airlocks would functions as environmental weapons that can be used to dispatch enemies. 
  • The player would trap the crazy and then send him out into space.
  • This would be done through the use of a control panel or a button. 


Research for the level. Space Station Window Viewpoints

  • Window viewpoints like the picture above would look quite interesting for the communication room and living quarters. We aim to create a backdrop of a planet and a nebula using eve online as a reference. 

Research for the level. Space Station

Hanger Bay
  • The top left concept for a hanger is a great example on how we want the hanger bay to look like. Overhangs and spacious docking rooms could be used to hide from the enemies and pick up useful items.  
  • The space stations hanger bay that we hope to create will be at least big enough for 1-2 stationary space ships. Maybe the player will be able to use one of the stationary ships to hide or look for objective items.
  • Lighting in this area will be reasonably lit by the rooms lights/spaceship and possibly a nearby planet. Maybe the player will be able to turn off the lights in order to hide.
Corridors and Rooms.

  • We aim to create a level that's big enough for 10-15- minutes of game play. Adding alternate routes for the player to approach in order to get to the objective will provide not only a sense of scale but a chance for the player to avoid encounters. Some rooms will be accessible for the player, maybe the player will have to search the rooms for a pass key or a tool in order to progress through the level. 
  • Lighting in the corridors and rooms will mostly be dim with the occasional dark areas. (Dead Space / Pandorum are a great example for the use of lighting in this environment)
  • We want to create the level in a way that it is atmospheric and claustrophobic, giving that horrific, back up against the wall feeling.  

  • The interior that we aim to create will have a distinctive futuristic look to it like the images above but with a lot more windows and console computers. 
  • Flashing lights and security alarm distresses will hopefully be implemented to make the level more interesting and scary, adding tension as the player navigates their way around the station.
  • The top left pictures shows detail that the particular area is used constantly. Providing a sense of ware and tear in certain areas will co-inside well with the mining space station look.