Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Idea of Introduction/ Level #1

Brainstorm ideas for a game set on a space station. (RPG?) #1
  • Main protagonist - Sheriff / lawman based on a commercial space station somewhere in the future.
  • Location - Space station orbiting a planet/moon somewhere in our solar system or another system entirely.
  • Space station contains several hundred people with all different professions and races. (Human and alien mixed races?) 
  • The space station is used for work, a place to live, trading, scientific research, purchase of fuel.
  • The station is broken up into several sections - (like a city in space).
  • Built on a path of a main trading route?
  • Some sections are known for it's violence. Racial attacks between the humans and the aliens?
  • Different sections for each race? Aliens control a certain section of the city?
  • Different architecture for each racial area.
  • Different technology between the aliens and humans (factions?)
The Sheriff?
  • Sheriff on station.
  • Stretched thin.
  • Low on resources and man power.
  • His day to day job involves investigating crimes/murders, thieves, smuggling. illegal operations, domestic violence, prisoners.
  • In charge of a small handful of deputy's
  • Western styled clothing
  • A lot on his plate
  • Police corruption / deputy corruption?
  • Political corruption?
  • Movies / TV series. western law enforcement.
  • Deadwood 
  • Longmire
  • Outlaw
  • Justified
  • Sheriff of cochise
Games with law enforcement/Investigation
  • LA Noire
  • Broken sword
  • Condemned
  • Call of Cthulhu
Plot line and backing story! Something that happens which is out of the ordinary (NEW)
  • How does he receive the job? Through a terminal or NPC perhaps?
  • Purpose of investigation? - What happened?
  • Dealing with the problem.
  • Fixing the problem.
  • Reward - possibly unlocks more plot line / information that provides him with evidence of a larger crime that goes all the way up to the top. (corrupt CEO of the station?)
Introduction through use of images

The marshal eventually wakes up to an alarm and climbs from his bunk. He collects his gear and stumbles out of the room to hear announcement over the PA system " saying Unknown ship in docking bay " Marshal to investigate"  (scene set light possibly flashing on and off) The Marshal makes his way towards the docking bay, along the way encounters signs of violence.  As he makes his way there, he hears strange sounds coming from the direction he needs to go. The station is in lock down making his task an uneasy one, he eventually makes his way into the docking bay to find a damaged ghost ship. The entrance to the ship is open and inviting the marshal aboard.

Possible introduction to slot in set pieces

  • Lift section/ maybe maintenance shaft
  • Open Corridors
  • Enclosed Corridors
  • Open command room with large windows, mass view of planet, illuminates room with ambient light, small lights from consoles, maybe (reflective floor _ RESEARCH)
  • Planet in view of window's SKYBOX, USE OF LIGHTING/FOG
  • Open hangar area lit by ship lights, emergency light flashing on/off, observer window with light coming through
  • Ventilation shafts
  • Large emergency doors
  • Computer consoles, maintenance consoles
  • Docking bay (Large open area containing ship parts, supply crates/box's, cranes etc) This will also be big enough to fit a relatively medium sized ship.
  • The ship itself could vary from a mining vessel, transport ship - (supply carrier?) big enough for 6-8 crew?
  • Living quarters - food and drink machines, entertainment? toilets, open bar, locker room, kitchen.
  • Crew/Civilian cabins (sleeping area?)
  • Communication tower (travel time /departures and arrivals terminals?)
  • Direction signs
  • Advertisements / propaganda posters / recruitment posters.
Market section to show populace

Player has to unlock hangar door - shut down lockdown.
Find voice from the PA SYSTEM or Message on loop.
Investigate signs of violence or reason for current events.
Commercial space station
  • This station would be used as a services, providing - fuel, food, trading, somewhere to sleep/live and work.
  • This gives the sheriff/lawman a purpose to be on this station. Providing protection for the crew and civilians. 
  • Station could possibly be orbiting a planet/moon. 

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