Friday, 10 August 2012

Condemned Criminal Origins

Condemned Criminal Origins - Break Down 

Brief summary -
The game revolves around a FBI agent called Ethan Thomas on the hunt for serial killer X. His MO is to killer serial killers in the same way they killer their victims. Ethan at the beginning of the game is frame by X who uses his gun to kill a cop. As the player progresses through the game they must investigate crime scenes as they hunt for X. They will have enter the under world the city as they encounter all sorts of crazies.

Lighting -

Uses lighting by darking areas to the point were a torch and certain environmental lights  have to used to see. Some areas have no lights and the player has to rely on the torch.

Ceiling lights, Moonlight, drink machines, ect

Ceiling lights and other lights can be smashed plunging the player into darkness - can be smashed by NPC

The torch only provides a certain amount of light were it is aimed - has infinite life

Sound -

Object can be heard moving and smashing behind player to draw attention

Ambient sounds outside the area can be heard

In area mostly silent to create eerie tension as the player listens out for NPC

NPC - 

These are crazy addicts, homeless people, people who have lost their mind.
Deformed humans manifested as main protagonist loses his mind
Main Antagonist Serial killer x
Unknown Deformed Human responsible for main protagonist losing his shit

The NPC will flank the player smashing through walls and surprising the player

They will smash out light and throw objects to distract

Attack and retreat to draw player into a trap

Knock objects of shelves

Investigation Elements -

Uses UV light to find substances, Hand prints

Camera to photograph evidence

Gas detector

Sampler Gun -


Investigation Video

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