Friday, 10 August 2012

Symptoms and influences for enemies Dubbed “Crazies“

Films and Games with cause and effect

Film - Pandorum

People in the film suffer from psychological condition categorised by a name called Padorum. This is due to long periods of time spent in hyper sleep. One of the causes is believed to be a enzyme pumped into their pods. It was meant to speed up the process of them adapted to the planet Tanis living conditions.

Symptoms - Shares similar effects to Cabin Fever, Paranoia, Vivid Hallucinations, Epistaxis

Film - Serenity/Firefly

Reavers a large group of cannibals that perform self mutilation on themselves. They originally started out as a colony that was exposed to a gas that would suppress aggression. The gas worked to well, leaving most of the population too passive resulting in them lying down and dying. The 0.1% of the population became over aggressive and unstable.

Symptoms - Hyper Aggression, Cannibalism, Metal instability

Condemned/ Condemned 2 - Game The enemies in the game are addicts, homeless people and certain members of the public that have lost their minds. This is due to a signal been broadcasted similar to white noise. Some see certain key characters in their madness.

Symptoms - Hyper Aggressions, Metal Instability, Hallucinations, Paranoia

Film - Event Horizon

A worm hole is used to reduce time traveling across space by generating smaller one on the ship called the Event Horizon. In the film the original crew test the ship and vanished for some time. The ship resurfaces as a ghost ship with the crew missing. Its believed that the worm hole took them to hell and back.  The worm hole starts to have an effects on the crew causing hallucinations.

Symptoms - Hallucinations, Insanity, Increased aggression, Catatonia

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