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Plot line ideas #2

Basic Story line starter - Idea #2
Main protagonist (possibly a miner/transporter/trader) makes regular stops at the station for supplies, fuel and a place to sleep. As he approaches the space station, he finds that he doesn't get hailed for clearance by the stations com tower, instantly concerning the pilot. As the pilot gets closer to the hanger bay, he notices that the security on the space station is down and the bay doors are open. Curiosity overwhelms the young pilot, as he investigates further the pilot discovers that something really strange is going on, but just before he could pull off, the hanger bay doors slam down behind him, leaving him no choice but to get off his ship and investigate. As he prepares to leave his ship, the bay doors leading into the security check room open up, giving the impression that someones trying to invite or lure him into the station. As he looks up at the communication tower window he notices a figure move away. Egger to find out what's happened he set off to talk to the stranger. As he approaches the security customs section he is greeted with a dark room with flashing security light. He sets of down the security corridor passes the checking desk as well as the bio metric scanners. At the end of corridor he encounters lockers used for confiscated items. A sign leads him to a forked corridor appropriately signed. To his left a corridor leads to the communal area and off to the right is the communication tower. He makes his way toward to communication tower to discover the door has been locked and requires an accesses card. His only option to escape this station is to find a key. As he makes his way to communal area, he finds himself in an area that shows a distinct sign of recent activity (lived in). The room is dark with small rays of light highlighting areas of the room. After searching the area he comes across the card he needs in order to gain access to the communication room. He makes his way back to the communication room, but noises bellowing in the distance put him on edge. The card gains him accesses and the first thing he notices as he enters the room is an over turned table. The room shows clear signs of violence, but no sign of life. He makes his way to the console and notices a trail of blood leading around a corner, instantly drawing his curiosity to inspect. In front him lays a mangled body grasping something in his hand. Taking a moment to recover from the sight he removes the item from the mans bloodied hand. The item appears to have been recording at time of the victims death. He plays back the message, that informs him of package smuggled through security that has released some sort of toxin/virus. A majority of the populace has become deranged and started attacking one another. He rushes over to the maintenance console deciding it would be a good time to leave and overrides the cargo door. As he descends down towards the docking bay, the pilot notices a strange wretched looking figure towards the end of the corridor, the crazy spots him and begins to sprint. Weighing up his options, the pilot decides to make his way back to the ship with the crazy at his heels and locks himself in. Once aboard his ship he discovers that it has been sabotaged leaving him with no option but to find out what the problem is and find a way to fix it. He takes a peak outside the ship to notice the crazy is no were in sight. Taking his chances, he sneaks of the ship being cautious of his surroundings. He begins to make to his way back up to the communication room to see if he can make contact with any survivors. Once in the tower he attempts to opens a channel to rest of the station, when an incoming ship hails the tower. He tries to warn the other ship not to land but fails to get the message through. The other ship states he's parking in cargo bay D on other side of the station. The protagonists only hope to getting off the station is to head to the spacecraft for help,- The demo ends here but the game is left open to be made in the future.

Reason behind the Infected - A section of the Space Station has been quarantined due to some kind of Viral toxin / Bacteria. The initial crew that find the source of the Virus begin to show symptoms of heightened aggression. In attempt to contain the virus, the chief of the station is forced to lock down the infected in a secure room.  The infected override the door and break free from the room. Unable to react in time, security is forced to lock down the area. Trapping uninfected personnel in the area leaving them to their fate. 
  • Excretes from the skin and saliva
  • Extremely contagious
  • Symptoms: Paranoia and Heightened aggression  (Itching, hearing voices, flashbacks, visions, sweating, increase in heart rate, loss of hair.)
    Directions the story could possibly take. 
    • The player makes his way back to his ship to discover it has been sabotaged or chased onto his ship by the NPC. Outcome - Player has to find parts or another exit off the station.
    • The player makes his way back to his ship to discover it is missing.  Outcome - Has to find a way to escape the station.
    • lure crazy into an airlock, possibly have a trigger button to shoot him into space. 
    • Or decompress area locked down by the player 
    • Hears announcement over PA system from a surviver requesting help or to see if anybody else is alive.  ( give location away or the player has find a way to communicate)
    • In the end of the demo the player has two choices to make, either get a security card from the crazies body to open the door to the next sector or find a tool to open a maintenance shaft. Possibly they have to get passed the crazy in order to proceed onto another section of the station. (Through one of the hangar doors or through a door in the corridor near the communal area.)
    Brain ideas for the level/demo and future game.
    • Toxin or some kind of gas released on the station. - Symptoms: Paranoia and Heightened aggression.
    • Location - Space station orbiting a moon/planet somewhere in our solar system or another system entirely.
    • Source - where did it come from? - Malfunction on a station (releases a deadly airborne virus/bacteria?).  Smuggled Toxin or poisonous gas brought onto the ship by someone?
    • The stations overrun by the infected crew/civilians. (crazies - people who's lost their sanity and are driven to the satisfaction of violence?) (possibly look at Condemned and Call of Cthulthu)
    • Maybe the main protagonist is also being affected by the airborne virus/toxin - Starts suffering from the first signs of symptoms. (Itching, hearing voices, flashbacks, visions, sweating, increase in heart rate, loss of hair.) Leaving him limited time to figure out how to deal with it
    • Extension for the game - player somehow has to figure out how to get off the space station. (Possibly find parts after find ship damaged) 
    • In demo player will come in contact with a single crazy, player will have to run/hide and avoid him. Could come out at any point or certain scripted section after the player leaves the docking bay. 
    • Atmospheric sounds, running machinery, give the crazy heavy breathing so player can hear him when they can't see him. 
    • NPCs work off line of sight! (research)
    • A map of the station could be found by the player. This will be not only used for directions, but areas that could be used to fight off or kill the npc. (These areas could possibly be airlock/decompression rooms)
    • It's up to the player to find certain clues in order to complete / finish the demo.
    • Possible first task for player find accesses card to open communication room.
    • Send Out distress beacon for the station  
    • Shut off a PA message located along way. On wall or from room
    • Stairs (RESEARCH) 
    • The AI within the game will work off line of sight, giving the player a chance to hide or escape the pursuing NPC. They will patrol around until finding player. 
    • A torch will be implemented into the game allowing the player to navigate through the darkened areas. (it will also help when looking for items of clues.) 
    • The player has only the chance to run and hide when being chased. They will not be able to fight back.
    • Some doors will be opened via a terminal on the side of the wall. Others maybe automatic in certain areas of the space station.
    • Possible weapon for player is to use environment as a weapon if crazies become to much.
    • Player will be provided with secondary goals to help them achieve their initial goal of escaping the station. For example find other survivors that can inform the protagonist where to find a part to repair his ship. 
    • Comic strip cut scenes to illustrate the introduction of the game as the player approaches and docks the station. (this would be a plan b if it becomes to hard to animate.)
    • hangar's have a particle field that maintenances life support and gravity in the area.  
    • Certain doors in the game will require items to be opened, for example tools, pass cards, open panels for the manual override switches.
    • Certain environmental weapons such as falling crates, releasing gas, using circuits or wires, using emergency doors to crush enemies. 
    • Optional player may have to charge torch or refill, when low it flickers or goes on and off suddenly. Player has to tap key to recharge torch. 
    • If player restores light to a room draws attention of crazies.  
    • Certain loud action could draw attention of crazies. 
    • As the player progresses through the level, they will encounter abandoned ships from other visitors (In full game, ships would land at certain points) 
    • Key pressed actions (example opening maintenance hatch) with animations 

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