Friday, 10 August 2012



You have to refill your lantern with oil. Oil is located through out the level and lantern is required to navigate.

Can't attack monsters leaving only option to run. This creates tension and vulnerability for the player.

Can Hide from Monsters using wardrobes or breaking the line of sight by getting behind objects.

Screen distortion, screams, hallucinations. These are used to create a atmosphere for the game and to the player on edge.  

Puzzles, collection of Items. These provide the player with a purpose and make the player think about how to approach situations.

Multiple directions and corridors to traverse This makes the player have search the level for the direction to go. It creates tension for the player as they are unaware of what around each corridor.

Two Modes of play normal and Nightmare mode. When the player enter nightmare mode the world is warped and made obscure. The player is never quite sure what's coming their way and how to deal with it.

Triggered events. These occur when the player places object or disturbs a room triggering a scare tactic. These can be screen distortions or disturbing sounds. It can also be the appearance of NPC or hints of one around the corner.

In the game the player has amnesia and is not completely stable mentally. These can pop up in flash backs or images of violence.

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