Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lockdown Trailer storyboard list.

Lockdown Trailer - 1 Minute


1 - Lockdown Title screen - music fades in - Eerie ambient sounds.

2 - Team roles - Alex Thomas (Environment Artist), Joe Lord (Programmer), George Brookes (Scaleform/Animator).

3 - Open scene of player/main character flying towards a commercial space station. - Panning camera as the ship zooms past. Camera then comes to a halt when the space station comes into view. (show a description of current year date and location). (Example - Year: 2164. Location: Cropia commercial space station - orbiting - Cropia Planet - Nexus system.)

4 - A fixed side on still camera shot with the space station and the ship in view. Space ship approaches docking bay.

5 - The camera then cuts to the space ships cockpit with the character in view. Space ship continues to approach the docking bay.

6 - A fixed camera from inside the docking bay will capture the space ship landing.

7 - Camera cuts to a close up shot of the character getting off the ship.

8 - Music progresses to speed up and get louder - adding more tension.

9 - Recorded game play of the character solving the space stations first two obstacles. Fixed camera's could be used to capture the player doing the puzzles.

10 - Once player solves the security room puzzle by unlocking the door from the communication room. A camera will cut to the security door opening, relieving the crazy.

11 - Music progresses and becomes faster paced and horrific.

12 - Description page of crazies. (Why are they there? What do they want? Who are they after?)

13 - Camera cuts to the crazy chasing the player.

14 - Show the environment weapons in use.

15 - A description page of how the environment weapons are used and a list of weapons that can be found throughout the space station.

16 - Quick shots of the camera panning through the environments

17 - Show camera shots of the player solving later puzzles and surviving the relentless crazies. Once the generator is powered, a camera cuts to the lift door opening. Player is instantly greeted by a crazy.

18 - Fixed Camera of the player being chased down a corridor. Airlock in the distance.

19 - Camera cuts to another fixed camera in the airlock, capturing the crazy being ejected out to space.

20 - Credits showcasing names, software used and university.