Sunday, 14 October 2012


 In order to develop my scripting knowledge and ability I have made a reading list that I think will be useful during development. The two main topics I have decided that I should focus on are of course USCRIPT which will allow the utilisation of classes etc. and SCALEFORM which will run the front end GUI and HUD.

USCRIPT references:
- Introduction to and reference of UnrealScript language features.
- UnrealScript language information on the UnrealWiki.
- covers the workings and use of strings in UnrealScript classes.

The links for the starter kits below will be useful to download and compare to find out more about key aspects of each script set up in particular camera functions,
player character functions and special FX :
Platformer Starter Kit  
Racer Starter Kit
PhysX Particles Stater Kit

SCALEFORM references:
The Scaleform  page at EpicGames covers a wide range of useful topics.
Below is a short list of  what I think will be most useful during initial development :

Getting started: Scaleform
- Instructions for building and importing the UDK UI and HUD.
- An example of how you would display something on the HUD when a trigger is touched.
- How you would capture keyboard input in Kismet without having to use Unrealscript.
- A step by step, high level explanation of how GFxUDKFrontEnd works.

Useful video tut's from UDKC  :

GUI video tutorials using Scaleform

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