Sunday, 14 October 2012

Initial Ideas for the level. Torch

Brief statement for the torch design

The idea for the game is to provide the protagonist with a torch. This torch will be used to navigate the dark ares of the level. The torch will be hand held meaning in the event of the player performing an action it will put down. This will add an intensity to areas were there is very little lighting. The torch will be provided with certain amount of charge. To recharge it the player will have to tap a button repeatedly until it its replenished. This will make it tense in a situations when the cray is chasing the player. The idea is to not provide a HUD element to keep the player on edge. This mean the torch will turn off unexpectedly plunging the player darkness. When the torch is about to become depleted it will flicker. This will inform the player that the torch is about turn off  .

Charge mechanic - Quick time event

QTEs have mixed reaction from players and journalists. They can be used effectively to enhance cutscenes and other actions. The use of QTE within Shenmue is often praised, as "they seamlessly flow from cinema to the QTE sequence without any loading pauses at all"[9], and sections which utilized the QTE were considered "some of the most thrilling in the whole game".[10] At the same time, they also are considered to be a weak addition to gameplay, and often force the player to repeat such sections until they complete the QTE perfectly to move on. They are often considered a "bane of action games", as their presence breaks the standard flow of the game and reduce the control of the game for the player to a few buttons, distracting, and turning interactivity into a job.[11][12] Also, QTE may frustrate the player due to the fact that they might not have any sign that they are about to happen.

Taken from wiki

Most other games that use this mechanic are ones that utilize a motion controller. In the case of are game we will not be doing that. Instead it will perform similar to quick time a event.

Below are examples of game that utilize a similar feature

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