Thursday, 11 October 2012

Intial ideas for the level. Enviromental Weapons

Ideas for Environmental weapons and other mechanics.
Feel free to add more mechanic ideas.
  • Releasing Toxic gas or flammable materials
  • Dropping crates or Large Objects via cranes in the hanger.
  • Using Circuits or wires to electrocute
  • Defense turrets or quarantine defenses
  • Laser grid
  • Closing Blast doors to trap or crush the enemy
  • De-pressurizing the area
  • Trapping the enemy in a Airlock and releasing them into space
  • Smashing view ports
  • Turning off the lights to hide from the enemies 
  • Removing the gravity (research) (A possible cut scene that would illustrate this idea)
  • Waste disposal chutes leading to incinerators
  • Large industrial fans? 
  • Sharp implements for mining?
  • Space ship thrusters

The player could combine elements to create traps. This could be done by combining floor covered in water with overloaded circuit. This would create a floor trap that would kill anybody trying to navigate across it. This idea provides the player with the ability to combine and find new ways to kill hostile NPC. At the same time this creates an obstacle for the player to back track across. This means they need to find a way to turn off the electricity enabling them to cross. Traps like this would contain ways to reset the environment to the original state. In some cases this would have a consequence. For example turning off the power to that section of corridor would plunge the area in darkness. This would act as a benefit to the player, but at same time could power down other things that would aid the player.

Quick thumbnail drawings for environmental mechanics.
- Joe.

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