Sunday, 14 October 2012


I like the hangar idea Alex mentioned in the 'Star Citizen' reference very much, here's a scenario that would be easy to execute in term's of utilising physic's volumes & trigger functions in Kismet without having to compile extra script;

(main goal)- In order to progress further into the station, 
(subgoal)- an automatically locked door is stopping their way because there is no life support on the other side. The player need's to power-up life support in order for it to unlock.The only way to do this is by retrieving a vital object from a docked transport ship in the hangar such as a "FuelCell" (inventory/trigger event),
(crisis/puzzle)-The catch is that the hangar needs to be decompressed in order to get to the ship. So,the player then need's to find a control point (trigger event) in order to seal the hangar from the vacuum (or killzone) outside....
(resolution)- The player then use's the "FuelCell" (trigger event) to power-up the life support system allowing the player to progress to an advanced stage in the game.
To add tension to the (crisis/puzzle) the scenario can be altered by having a limited amount of time (timer event) to retreive the fuel cell, perhaps because of a faulty decompression system? 

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