Thursday, 11 October 2012

Star Citizen. Late research.

Star Citizen is an upcoming Space trading and combat simulator game for the PC. It is currently being developed by Chris Roberts, whose previous works include games such as Wing CommanderPrivateerFreelancer, and more. It has been in development since 2011 on a modified version of the CryEngine, and has an expected release date of sometime between 2014 and 2015.

Roberts aims to create a whole new world for us called Star Citizen, a space-combat game where you’re not just a ship in a universe, but a person living a second life in a galaxy full of possibilities. How open-ended Roberts will make it remains to be seen, but conceptually Star Citizen sounds like the ideal game for anyone who has ever watched Battlestar Galactica, Firefly or Star Wars and wished they could have a chance to live in those universes.

Star citizen has only just started to finally release information on the game, so i thought it would be a good idea to jump back into the research for this game and finalize on what the possible look for our space station could look like. 

Some images were lifted from the internet for the games space carrier so that we can get a better understanding on what the space station's architecture for the exterior could look like. The reason for this was because during the start of our game, we want to implement a cut scene that will show a brief glimpse of the space station as the player approaches and docks the space station. The observation/communication room that can be seen on the top picture is quite a good example for the look we was going for. The symmetrical structure and windows give it a futuristic appearance and would look really cool as the player's character fly's past this large structure in the cut scene. Although this is just an idea for now, cut scenes will be implemented into our game once key points have been accomplished. 
These concepts of console computers are quite interesting, the center right image of the planet hologram is a nice detail and would look good in the communication room along with other hardware. 

I quite like the picture of the hanger above, the architecture of the interior is very intricate and symmetrical with the odd flashing lights and computer consoles. If we were to make a hanger big enough for 1-2 ships, i think this example would be great because it's not to big and has enough space for the player to hide, collect tools for an objective or use the environment to destroy enemies. 

I like the hangar idea very much, here's a scenario that would be easy to execute in term's of utilising physic's volumes & trigger functions in Kismet without having to compile extra script;

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